IJBA Districts

The IJBA is separated into 4 districts.
Two directors will be elected from
each district, as well as one at-large

IJBA Board of Directors
Chair, Taryn Adcock   Vice Chair, Gabrielle Lemenager      
Communications Chair, Crystal Dau   Show & Beef Promotion Chair, Tyler Pokojski        

District 1 Director, Marie Lock   District 1 Director, Bailey McClelland      
Avon, IL   Bowen, IL       
Term ends Aug. 2016   Term ends Aug. 2015      

District 2 Director, Crystal Dau   District 2 Director, Kagney Collins      
Sheridan, IL   Flanagan, IL       
Term ends Aug. 2016   Term ends Aug. 2015       

District 3 Director, Taryn Adcock   District 3 Director, Zadok Graff      
Assumption, IL    Middletown, IL      
Term ends Aug. 2016   Term ends Aug. 2015        

District 4 Director, Tyler Pokojski  
Centralia, IL           
Term ends Aug. 2016          
At Large Director, Mary Kline At Large Director, Gabrielle Lemenager       
Leroy, IL    Clifton, IL       
Term ends Aug. 2015    Term ends Aug. 2015       


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